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I own two Shiloh Sharps variations and both shoot great. I had an experience once with a Pedersoli that soured me about the brand. I obtained a used by unfired 45/90 that looked just beautiful. It should have just adorned a wall somewhere, because it sure wasn't built to shoot. I loaded up my normal black powder loads and some smokeless just for fun. From a bench I started at 25 yards and found a good solid 8 inch group with either loads. I went home, cleaned the rifle and slugged the barrel...and this is where the surprise came slugged 452 !! That's right, 45 Colt diamater. How something like this gets out of the factory amazes me, but I have probably been more than mildly critical of some of the imports quality over the years. I did own a Pedersoli full stock muzzleloader once that shot acceptable groups once....not great, but acceptable. I have shot many muzzleloaders over the years and watch some of the guys with Pedersoli's tinkering with them on the shooting lines at the matches trying to get them to shoot...and there may be exceptions, but as a rule they just don't compete with good stuff. They do look nice though......
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