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I can list my shotguns to give a better idea of the "hoard" I am dealing with. Not one is worth anything, just basic used guns.

Meriden SxS 12 gauge - inherited (not going anywhere)
Stevens 315 SxS 12 gauge
JC Higgins SxS 20 gauge (will not sell)
Remington 1100 12 gauge early model
Remington Sportsman 58 16 gauge
Ithaca model 37 12 gauge earlier model
HSB & Co Revonoc 12 gauge
New Stevens 320 12 gauge


Shotguns I sold in last few weeks that I didnt think I needed or used much anymore. Slowly trying to clear out some of this stuff.

Montgomery Ward single shot .410
Stevens 67E 20 gauge
Stevens 67E 12 gauge
Franchi 48 AL 20 gauge
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