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A permit in NY is like pulling teeth.
I keep hearing this and it's just not true. New York State is not just NY City. In Western NY it's rare to be turned down. Each county is different in the way they handle permits, including fees and even the permit itself. Monroe County has paper permits while Livingston County has plastic cards. Go figure. The farther away you are from NYC, the easier it is and the fewer restrictions on carry. In Binghamton, they have restricted some people to just home and gun range. I haven't heard of any restrictions in Monroe County. However, two years ago mine took nine months to be approved; they are slow.

I don't mean to be hard on you; it's just that I'm tired of Upstate NY being equated to NYC so often. All the county gov'ts north of NYC sent letters to Cuomo protesting the "SAFE" ACT.
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