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Cut Recoil Pad

I have been urged to cut the stock of my Citori XS Skeet by 1/4", but that isn't going to happen unless I am certain that is what I want and so I tried something that others may have known about. I had an old recoil pad off of a Remington 870 Express that was gathering dust so I got the cheapy hand saw out and cut it down so the depth is approximately 1/4" less than the depth of the Citori's pad. After cutting with the hand saw (actually a cheap mitre saw from HD), I evened the cut up with an old belt saw.

The screw holes do not quite line up, but I don't care as they are only off by a fraction and all I need is one screw to hold the modified pad to the Citori for testing. I also only want a single screw in place to allow me to twist the pad off center slightly similar to a pad adjuster like a 100 Straight.
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