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Too many guns?

Today I realized I still have 8 shotguns, plus some of Dads if I ever had an urge to use them. I am sitting here thinking is it too many? I know the whole idea of wide variety and everything. But with choke tubes now I think I could easily get by with one nicer gun for all needs. None of my current shotguns have removable chokes, all are over 40 years old except one New unfired Stevens 320 short barreled (impulse buy). All of the old ones need work or some sort of refinishing to them.

I always have liked the idea of having all of these guns, but is it needed, I sure wouldnt get rid of them all as two of them have been inherited. But then there are guns like my worn out remington 1100 12 gauge and sportsman 58 16 gauge that keep getting brought back out time and time again and are sure showing their age.

I am half tempted to just sell most and buy me a something reasonable like maybe a versamax as the one gun or maybe a Browning pump. I finally had to let go of my best shotgun, a franchi 48al 20 gauge(1969 model) just a few weeks ago because my shoulder could no longer handle that kick that light gun had for multiple rounds. I have let 4 shotguns go recently without batting an eye, just saying goodbye to them. None of my guns have any frills just are useable tools.

The only new guns I have bought new in last few years are pistols and bought 2 ARs just to have them.

Sure I go out and hunt, but not enough to where I think I need multiple guns anymore. Just want one to cover all the ground.

Would like to see some your thoughts on the situation.

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