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How do they plan on keeping the wild boar population controlled? It will get away from them. It may take a few years, but eventually the pig bomb going to go off there as well. How can they stop it? That's how it's been here; for about 15 years we'd see the occasional boar, it was absolutely no big deal, kind of a novelty, and then it seemed like overnight, they were... everywhere. All the time. Breeding like crazy, getting really aggressive, destroying the land, destroying the crops, attacking people and dogs and local wildlife. We can't trap enough of them, or shoot enough of them, to make a dent, and the population continues to multiply. I walked out one morning, and my front and back lawns were gone overnight; we have to do control burns now to limit the brush, but that doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. The land that is ripped up overnight takes time to heal, and since the hogs just come back again...

I don't get the Brits' attitude, because they are looking at a future that is our present condition, and it ain't pretty. If the boar is not native to England, then they have to choose between ethical hunting, or seeing a lot of their beautiful countryside decimated, and that would just be awful.

We had this great toll road that opened up recently, it gets you to San Antonio so fast, but the pigs are all over it at night. There have been accidents since day one it opened. I don't take it at night, if I can avoid it, or at least I drive it slower (which kind of defeats the purpose!) They say that hitting a pig (or a sounder) is like hitting a bunch of little tanks.

I also don't like when hunters on some forums say that the problem is exaggerated for tv, for ratings, because they don't see that many hogs where they live in Texas. To me that's disrespectful of both nature and their neighbors; just because someone hasn't experienced something personally doesn't mean the threat is not there. People out here are frustrated, and they need help, but even parks and wildlife doesn't have an answer. Trap them, hunt them with dogs, shoot them, poison them (not good, since people eat boar)... but the math doesn't add up to getting even close to an effective response. At least if the pig bomb does go off in England, they can't say they weren't warned.

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