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You know, actually, I do wonder: how do part POLYMER revolvers/pistols do if they are a "truck gun" left in the summer heat, all summer, 24/7? (out of DIRECT sun-light).

Such as:
2.) A RUGER LCR REVOLVER or S&W BODYGUARD (both part polymer revolvers)

Thoughts? Will a polymer based handgun hold up just as well in the really hot summer heat as a stainless steel handgun would? Any difference?

BTW: I do understand your point lamarw. If I did decide a truck gun wasn't a bad idea, I'd probably get one of those "safes" that are bolted down in your car. It'd be covered so out of site, but if ever broken in, from what I hear some of these 300+ dollar safes literally would take someone HOURS to break into.... and where I live, parked on the street in a super nice area, I don't think anyone would be able to do that without either my neighbors noticing, someone driving by noticing, or myself noticing...Some of these car safes are literally 20+ layers of steel, making it pretty safe to keep it in your car!! but I do get your point

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