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My impression is that hunting in the UK is primarily a rich man's sport. Hunting in the US is becoming that way when there is no BLM land or substantial state owned property. But as always, these lands are not often/usually the "best" places to go.

They stipulated the hogs must be "relocated". We took the live hogs out of the traps, loaded them into the toter, hauled them off, shot and field dressed same.
I found this humorous. Beyond humorous actually. I wonder if the people "relocating" the feral hogs in that one TV show actually relocate them in the same fashion once the cameras are turned off? I could never understand why they went to so much trouble except that it would make an interesting TV show and not offend the PETA folks.

The only place I have ever seen wild hogs was Texas. I read about them in my state and see the damage for example in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mt NP, but actually seen one... no.
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