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Here in IL we are still not there. First, we need the Gov. to sign the bill (since he opposed it he might try to delay signing as long as possible for his own political purposes). Then the state will need to do all of the administrative things to get the process going, with the most likely delay (in my opinion) a difficult and slow process to approve training programs that meet the state's requirements (16 hours and covering specified areas). They also will have to design and distribute an application form. My guess is that these actions will take months or longer, and then since the police agencies can oppose granting a permit, they will have a very lengthy review process giving all police agencies the shot at objecting. And who knows, IL might demand that the $150 fee be paid in cash at a single spot in the state capital in Springfield, and only open that spot for an hour a week. I am so disgusted with this state and the corruption and incompetence of the elected and appointed officials that I guess I am very cynical. If I end up with a permit in my wallet anything shorter than 18 months from now I will be very surprised.
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