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Apparently in England wild boar are considered beloved creatures who deserve respect and protection (and what they call a 'proper' hunting season). One hunter said that using a night scope to kill boar is considered murder, and he only shoots them when they have a sporting chance.
I had seen the video before and found the "murder" reference lacking. The guy simply wants a sustained hunting population and anybody hunting in what he considers to be an unethical manner (not fair chase) is committing murder. It is something of the mindset that "If you aren't hunting like I do, then you aren't really hunting. If you aren't hunting, then you are just killing or murdering the animals." He is setting himself as the noble hunter, doing what is good, just, and fair. It is an attitude you can see repeated widely, not just with hogs, on hunting shows and discussed in hunting forums.

Note that wild boar in Britain were extirpated. They were reintroduced to farms/wildlife centers, lost control of, and now there is a viable living population, but this new population is not indigenous to England and is very recent, sort of like elk in Texas. We had them, hunted them out (extirpated), and now they have been reintroduced.

While I hate to think of it in this light, a good problem with feral hogs or actual wild boar may be what England needs to help jump start a pro-firearms movement, though they will probably fail and limit hunting to single shot or double barrel guns and the like.

Because the boar is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, those areas harbor diseases and parasites to control its population. We don't have those diseases here. We don't want them.
For the life of me, I cannot find any evidence to support this. Scorch, specifically what diseases and parasites keep the boar population in check in the Old World that we don't have here? Pretty much every single disease carried by hogs in the Old World are diseases we have here, either naturally in wildlife or because of the domestic animal population we have had here in North America for hundreds of years. I don't know about parasites, but I do know that given that hogs have been here and being imported for the last nearly half century, we have already imported the parasites as well. It isn't an issue of us not wanting them here. They are here and are well established.
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