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It's the inborn idea that only government could solve any problem that I hated about Europe- I noted that nobody owned a pick-up truck there ...... "How do you move anything?", sez I...... "We hire "Moving Men"(unionized, of course!) ...... the idea of solving your own problems without consulting some "-Ampt" or Trade Union Rep was just as foreign to the Europeans I knew as paying the landowner for any game I shot was to me...... completely unthinkable...... which brings us back to the topic at hand: You have a pig problem? I have a bacon deficit. Where's the problem?
There are a lot of generalisations in your post. Europe is a big place with lots of countries with different traditions and cultures some even have pick-ups.

My impression is that hunting in the UK is primarily a rich man's sport.
No most hunting would be done by working class people.

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