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Definitely sacreligious haha I couldn't believe how beat up it was when I got it. So far I have been able to use an extremely fine grit sandpaper to buff out the gouges and scratches by hand without taking hardly any of the frame down, I will have to post pics once I get the damn thing disassembled. There are quite a few broken parts that make the disassembly process pretty frustrating - not to mention work has been taking up most of my time and leaving me with little free time to work on it. I have 2 of the .22 mags, but they do not fit in a regular 1911 if thats what you were looking to use them for (in conjunction with a conversion kit) for some reason they only fit in this pistol - though they are identical in size to my .45 1911 mags. Should have pics up Sunday.

Whether the project works out or not all depends on the slide. That bent part in the picture where the slide catch/release is will be the deciding factor. If that can't be bent back and fixed, and I end up needing a new slide, this project will be put on the back burner. Not looking to spend as much or more than the cost of a new pistol fixing this one up. Really just wanted a project, and knew if I didn't buy it, it would end up in the garbage.
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You are to be commended for attempting to 'save one of our own' .

I own one of these and it's a great 1911 trainer/shooter and if "treated" properly should serve one quite well for a long time.

I indeed look forward to your updates.

Here's mine and as we can see, one can maintain the appearance of a gun (.22lr are much easier IMO) even after K's downrange (granted I do not holster this gun ever as it's just a range gun). Now, my CCW is another story as it has lots of holster wear on it but it doesn't concern me in the least as it's a "tool". Contrast that with my Colt Walker 1847 which I maintain in pristine condition and it's far from a "Safe-Queen."

BTW, I don't think it has been mentioned in this particular thread (many probably already know) but this is the EXACT same gun as the Sig-Sauer 1911-22 which in some ways negates the concern some have expressed concerning the slides Zamak makeup--in my view it's not a significant factor for a .22lr gun.

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