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compared to endless, sterile suburban sprawl,
I could not live thereabouts, either.

There are something like 500 folks living in the friendly confines of my little ville, which I doubt covers a square km ....... it's not endless, and certainly not sterile (that'd be Europe, where children playing in the streets are considered a nuisance).....

It's the inborn idea that only government could solve any problem that I hated about Europe- I noted that nobody owned a pick-up truck there ...... "How do you move anything?", sez I...... "We hire "Moving Men"(unionized, of course!) ...... the idea of solving your own problems without consulting some "-Ampt" or Trade Union Rep was just as foreign to the Europeans I knew as paying the landowner for any game I shot was to me...... completely unthinkable...... which brings us back to the topic at hand: You have a pig problem? I have a bacon deficit. Where's the problem?

Europeans see problems as things to be managed. Americans see problems as something to be solved, and by themselves, on the spot, preferably. Completely different mindsets.
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