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Our shall issue with some preemption bill JUST passed both houses.

Highlights that I can pull off the top my head.

shall issue, with some preemption.

The regulation of a handgun shall is the sole power of the state for residents with a carry permit. If you have no carry permit than all home rule ordinances apply to you. If you have a permit then the local ordinances that regulate handguns and ammo for handguns are invalidated. It's not the super preemption that we got with a different bill that passed the house and killed by the senate.

That means the Chicago firearms permit, registration, all the training nonsense doesn't apply for those with permits. That's a big win.

16 hours of training. Yeah it's a lot but there are ways to get 8 hours credit. These include DD214 for all of our veterans, and other credentials such as hunting safety classes and a few more I cant name off the top of my head.

LOTS of restricted places. Chicago will still be tough to carry simply because of the location of all the various "sensitive places". No public transportation carry. I see that as being the next big fight to get rid of.

In short today is a HISTORIC day for us. We scored healthy super majority votes in each house. I'm personally confident that we will override a governor veto.

It's not a great bill but it's the only way to avoid what we've been calling the concealed carry cliff. If nothing had been done we would be looking at possibly over 100 different and unique local ordinances scattered through the state. No one wanted that except for the most rabid and extreme gun haters.
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