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I love bowling pins...

They're pretty much a small version of the regular torso sillouette target. I think there are lots of pins and torsos in small format that you could buy, download, print etc.

Pins are, obviously, narrow compared to their height. Contrast that to a regular round bulls eye which is the same dimension in height and width. So moving from L to R and trying to stop on a pin is a pretty tight challenge. So instead of moving L to R (or R to L) move UP or DOWN. As you draw your pistol, your muzzle and sight picture is moving UP. Use that to your advantage. Move that sight picture UP into the pin.

After the first shot, if your recoil causes your arm/pistol to move UP, then use that to your advantage and on the next shot, move the sight picture DOWN into the sweet spot of the pin.

In other words, after the first shot, picture a series of inverted "U"s. Recoil moves things UP, your muscles move things DOWN. I find that I don't actually STOP on the sweet spot. I fire when I'm coming on target while still moving the gun.

Like a bouncing ball moving across the field of view.

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