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Illinois Closer to Concealed Carrry . . . BUT . . .

Friends of the Second Amendment:
If you've been watching the news you know that the Illinois State House has passed a bill that will allow for concealed carry in Illinois. It still has to go through the Senate but the state is under a court order to do this by June 9th.

Anyway, while that is all a good thing I'm not ready to celebrate yet.

First, it's going to require 16 hours of training. I'm all for training but 16 hours is going to be costly for the individual. On top of that there is $150 fee. Between the training and the fee this is being priced out of many lower income hands.

Also, there is no repeal here of the FOID card. In Illinois you have to have a Firearms Owner Identification Card to even handle firearms much less buy them and the ammo. In effect the guns are not registered . . . but the gun owners are.

So we are moving in the right direction and when all the dust settles if the training doesn't cost an arm and a leg I may apply. We'll see.

Live well, be safe
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