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Remington Receiver and Barrel Combinations

Not having a Remington 870 Super Mag I cannot compare receivers and barrels between the 870 Magnum and Super Magnum.

I have a Remington 870 Magnum (Turkey Special) with a 22" barrel. I used it last year during dove season on some off days and enjoyed using the pump action. I want to get either a 26" or 28" 870 Express barrel for dove season this year and wanted to ask if the "Super Mag" barrel would both fit the regular 3" Magnum receiver and not have any drawbacks. The reason is that I am looking for a used barrel and if a Super Mag barrel comes along I wanted to know if this is a viable option.

In addition to whether it will fit the Magnum receiver, if it will, does anyone have any input as to whether the longer chamber would have a notable impact on accuracy?

Hate to revive an old thread but the answer to my question should complement the thread. Thanks for any input.
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