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A "truck" gun in hot SUMMER weather?

Edit-- Although I found some answers after detailed searching, still wonder how a POLYMER handgun either a semiauto or revolver would do if made into a truck gun and left for months in the summer heat, 24/7?? (out of direct sunlight)

Semiauto such as a GLOCK
Revolver such as RUGER LCR or S&W Bodyguard

Would a part polymer based handgun be affected ANY differently than an all steel handgun would? Or is the "melting point" of polymer just way too high, that no "summer heat in the USA" would ever negatively affect a handgun left sitting in the heat for long periods of time even if polymer?

Of course every few months they'd probably get some breakfree CLP for some lube, but besides that, it'd just be a truck gun that sits in the glove box of the car, or somewhere like that.

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