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Redhologram your defensiveness was unwarranted. Please tell me why I would be unwise to pick on you? Is that a threat?

I was not attacking you in any way. I merely phrased it that way to attempt to prevent exactly how you responded. So It looks like I failed in that regards.

I was merely asking why you preferred that method. Not questioning your training. You are not the only one here with training or a qualified instructor. I happen to have training and a qualified instructor.

Bluestarlizzard, I started my shooting lessons 10 years ago, on revolvers. In fact since then I have owned a few different types of autoloaders. I also have shot many more different types at the range rental and at friends houses.

I can see not being able to reach the slide release, I have that exact same problem with 1911 style pistols. I have to shift the gun to reach it. Being uncomfortable with that, and the numerous problems the gun was having I sold it for a loss. It was the only style of autoloader In my experience to this date that I had any trouble with the slide release due to not being able to reach it.

I didn't consider this as a issue with the OP because he did not mention it till his last post.. That would make sense. I still think that maybe it is still a gun issue tho. Slides shouldn't be that hard to retract.
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