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I think you would be better looking at specs and then figuring out which rifle meets those specs, then looking at direct comparisons.

The rifle I would build given your specs would have a barrel with a 5.56 chamber, M4 ramps and melonited. It would have a bomb proof gas system, stainless and or melonited, simple lock ring muzzle device and an easily removable hand guard, maybe like a Troy. The bolt would be a JP with QPQ coating, enhanced bolt, POF roller cam and a carbine length buffer tube and a XP buffer spring. Trigger a drop-in from CMC or POF. No oversized anything. Probably looking at about $1300 to $1500 to buy the parts. If you can get a smith to install the barrel in the receiver, everything else is child's play.

A rifle like that, properly set-up can be run dry for about 1K rounds with no issues. But it is better run greased and oiled for range sessions. You are not going to be able to touch anything like that from any maker mentioned above for any price. Sure, there are some better parts, but then the reliability starts to wane.
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