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MN m44 compensator question?

As many of us are Mosin fanatics, I recently bought a T53 as a project gun. I'm aware they aren't the prettiest or hardiest of the Mosin's, but how can you pass up a great price on a Mosin. Now for the question, while looking for original parts, as most are missing cleaning rods, slings, ect... I came across a M44 compensator, That fits of course the M38/44/53. Now I can see how it wouldn't have a problem with the 38 as there isn't a folding bayonet at all. But with the M44 and T53 unfolded and attached to the barrel when extended, how can both be on and deployed at the same time? Many will argue, the bayonet doesn't add any or much better POI, but it certainly helps with my 91/30. So can they be used at the same time or do you need to pick and choose the lesser of the 2 evils? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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