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Why don't you?

Is it just a personal preference? It almost seems like those who don't dry fire are judgmental about those of us that do! (I mean no disrespect)

It just seems like every time this topic comes up - on forums or real life - people who don't do it make me feel like a bad gun parent! The responses are always like, "Well, IIII don't do it." The "you will go blind" comment is actually a great analogy about how it makes me feel! Like someone telling me that THEY don't do it. I usually react one of two ways: (to both scenarios, lol)

1.) You think you're better than me?!
2.) Well you should try it, it's great.

I will say that I'm absolutely new to firearms (just a few months of research and one full week of gun ownership now!), but I don't really understand why not to dry fire modern, center fire pistols. Especially since many specify in the manual that it's perfectly safe.

I am really asking, btw! I know it sounds snarky, I don't mean it that way! I really would like to know why those of you who don't do it are so set against it.

Thanks y'all!!!
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