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Thank you very much pax! I will have her do just that the next time we go out.

After discussing her issue further I think her problem with the slide release is she has trouble reaching that as well.

And yes sigs the 229 in particular have very heavy slides. I read an article a bit ago that said where the 229 came from.I will post the name of it if I can find the magazine. It stated that when Smith and Wesson released the .40 caliber they tried to put it in the 228 better know as the M11A1 Since people wanted a .40 S&W compact. The release was delayed due to the high pressures exerted by the .40 cal round. According the the article the 228 designed around the 9mm luger had problems with the .40 cracking the slides. Hence the 229 was born. The only real difference is the 229 has a mega thick slide on it. I would go so far to say that a good 80%-90% of the gun's weight is the slide. Which is pretty different than say my friends 1911 that has a decent amount of weight in the frame. If I am not mistaken the recoil spring has to compensate for the pressure of the rounds used and the weight of slide? Which would mean that the spring in the 229 would have to be quite heavy correct?

As for shopping in general.... Well she is not much of a shopper. Which is just fine with me. My mom once stranded me in a dept store for 5 hours. That was not fun. lol

Thank you all very much for the suggestions and the continued support. This got far more involved and lengthy than I had anticipated, and I am very grateful for all of it.

Pax I would like to thank you in particular for continually aiding me in this matter.

Last question. I know on some of the older designs dropping the slide without a round can damage the gun. Will doing so with a modern pistol like the 229 damage the gun? Sorry I have learned a lot about semi auto pistols, but I am still learning. I just recently returned to shooting after years away and the bulk of my experience was on bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns.
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