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Bluestarlizard, Im not following what your saying. You are saying that if the slide is locked back she should not use the slide release, or if it is already in battery not to use the release?

If its already in battery then ya, but if its locked back there should be no reason why the slide release should not work. It shouldn't take that much effort to release it. I think there may be a gun problem here. I have never ran into a gun with such a stiff slide release as is being discussed here.

Again bluestar, walk me through your statement. IF the slide is locked back, full magazine inserted, why shouldn't she simply depress the slide release, considering she is having trouble with the other method?

I was going to chime in with some suggestions but Pax is farther ahead then I could hope to be.

Redhologram, not to pick on you, im curious. Why do you not prefere to use the slide release? I cant stand the sling shot method. I wont purchase any firearm that requires such methods. Do you really find that using the release actually added time to your reloading sequence?

I Don't like the slingshot method because it makes me feel like im shooting poorly made crud. Like they were to lazy to put in a proper way to rtb.
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