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Well HB183 got passed out of committee and SB2193 got held up in committee. The witness slips filed by supporters or opponents on HB183 ran over 1,000 opposed - which is I believe a record for witness slips filed in opposition.

No vote today in the Senate on HB183 - guess it will be tomorrow - don't know if Cullerton has the votes - though he is trying to ram it through with a bare majority of 30 - which is contrary to the Illinois constitution which states that all legislation that contains preemption of home rule require a 3/5 majority. Though they stripped all preemption on other gun laws they left it in for concealed carry.

They may be tinkering with amending the bill to get votes to get it passed, or just playing chicken with Madigan and the house.

The only good thing is that SB2193 is still alive and could be given a floor vote if HB183 fails or if the House fails to pass HB183.

So we need to kill HB183 and leave no alternative except for SB2193.
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