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Originally Posted by Pax
Removing the empty magazine will make it possible to get the gun out of slide lock, yes.

Have her practice that skill several times (over several sessions so she doesn't experience failure related to wearing her hands out).

After she has the skill down pat, then have her do the same thing with a full magazine.

Never bother trying to lower the slide with an empty mag in place. It's not worth the effort it's taking her.

Kathy is absolutely correct. I have a couple of Sig's in my mix of guns. (I am also a female) I just sat here and unloaded my carry gun and did exactly what she is suggesting and removing the empty mag does make the gun come out of slide lock without needing to use the release button. Ironically enough, I never thought of that, because I never use the slide release to begin with (except when field stripping). To me it is a waste of time during the precious reloading process. I typically have already got my mag dropped and another one fed before my first one is empty.

She definitely sounds like she needs a different gun. I rarely suggest a particular gun for anyone, but I would try and get a Sig p238 in her hands. I have never been a fan of the 9mm short's (aka .380) but this one is a dream. I've been carrying it since I started wearing lighter weight summer clothing and it's easy to conceal and accuracy, smooth shooting, etc is there. I also have the p938. Little bit more snappy due to size and 9mm, but still ok. Then, I just got rid of a Sig Ultra Compact 1911 3.3". But it was another easy slide to manipulate. It just wore me out after shooting it after a while.

As for gun shops... There aren't enough hours in a day or days in a week for me to get tired of prowling around in a gun shop... Forget shopping malls..
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