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British Mk.2z was primarily intended for Sten guns and the Sterlings which came along later to replace them. This stuff did get used in Browning HPs as well, but a steady diet of it will start to take them apart, or at any rate make them very tired and loose. As most of the Brownings in units stayed in the safe and seldom got shot at all, it wasn't seen to matter much. Don't use this stuff in guns you value.
When I started doing the annual Whitehead course pistol matches in July each year you got issued 24 rnds (later 40 as the course changed) by the Army on the line, and what it would be this year was a fruitful source of speculation. Nasty French stuff one year which was corrosive and would rust a barrel overnight. Stamped 'pistol only' on the boxes IIRC. Gevelot stuff after that which seemed much cleaner (but we still boiled it out in case). FFV stuff purchased from Sweden (MoD Procurement executive had taken bribes to push the contract their way - convicted later). Hirtenberger stuff from Austria after that (Boxer primed - first time this had happened, although the flash holes were small and would suck the pin out of your dies, but easily drilled out to the right dia.) Currently IMI stuff from Israel. In no instance was Mk.2z issued.
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