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.357 Sig

I have a Sig P229 in .357 Sig and I think if you shoot the load the round was designed for (1400 fps 125 grain) it is a bad mother. I have read every article and watched every gel test video I can find on this round. The actual use as described by LE in real shooting situations tells a lot more about this round than all the tests and videos. Some of the self proclaimed gun experts claim the +P+ 9 mm 115 grain is equal and it seems to be in gel and on paper but I haven't found any real world stories from LE about how great the 9 mm has performed in a shoot out. I would be interested in reading such stories about the 9mm if someone will direct me to them. I have most all calibers except .45 and I keep an open mind about which one would be the most devastating. The 10mm is a bad ass round also but it has to be loaded with what it was designed for and not the watered down stuff. The full power .357 Sig and the 10mm are much more than the novice shooter wants to deal with at the range for practice. Federal and Sig designed the.357Sig around 1 load that worked and when you stray from those specs you are only shooting a hot 9mm.
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