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Re: Just got a new to me Remington 1100!!

Originally Posted by 4D5 View Post
A few months ago I scored an older 1100 at the local pawn shop.

I got it home, disassembled it and gave it a good cleaning. The recoil spring and tube was REALLY crudded up and probably would have caused the gun to malfunction it was so bad.

I took it out shooting and like it's legacy, its a soft shooter.

I also replaced the plastic butt plate with a rubber recoil pad to reduce sliding on the shoulder and comfort of shooting.
Thats awesome! I havent shot this yet but it seems like a great shooting shotgun from what ive read about it. Remington hasnt let me down yet, I got a 700 5r milspec in .308 and everything I read about that gun was fantastic and when I shot it recently I gotta say they were wrong... its befter than what has been said about it! I look forward to enjoying this shotgun and getting into skeet shooting and maybe 3 gun!
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