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Okay so you guys are saying that pulling back on the slide alone should disengage the slide lock mechanism even when the mag is empty? Because on my gun it does not. When the mag is empty and seated you must push the release down after pulling the slide back like in a slingshot move (for instance).
If you do not push the release lever down it will simply return to slide lock while an empty mag is seated. This has seemed normal to me. My dad's 9mm was the same. as were most of the auto loading handguns I have handled.

When the mag is seated and full you can simply pull the slide back and let it go. With the full seated mag it slips right into battery.

This is of course also true if no mag is seated. The slide will do just that. Slide back and forth all day long never locking unless you push the release lever up while racking the slide. In this case it will go into lock because you are manually engaging it.

She had her hands in the center of her abdomen just above the belly button where the four abdominal quadrants meet (also called the umbilical region if you are using the nine abdominal regions). <----For visual reference. What you call the pickle jar zone which is an excellent name for it. She tried several holds in this area as well as in other areas, but could not move it. The gun makes a very distinct sound when the pressure is released from the lock. It is a little click type noise that is clearly metal touching metal. Either she moved the slide to gently for it to make this sound, or she did not move it at all because I never heard it and I was listening very intently for it.

Does what I am saying add up or am I missing something? I have talked to her about it and she is willing to go shopping for a pistol now which is a change from before when she would not set foot in a shop.
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