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She tried. She did not have the strength to depress it. I watched her thumbs turn white pushing on it with both thumbs and she still could not depress it. She tried pushing and pulling the slide and gun at the same time everything you can think of. Nothing worked. I read cornered cat's article racking the slide and showed it to her we tried all of it. There was like 1 thing we had not tried and that has not worked either. Every time the slide locks it's the same. She is unable to return the gun to battery. It does not matter if she pulls the slide back and presses the release like you would a 1911, or uses the slide lock release on its own. She cannot get the gun back in battery. She can even shoot the .40 just fine though she does not care for the recoil. I have no clue how this works out. I notice no difference in pressure from the recoil spring in battery or slide lock. However with the spring being compressed there has to be a difference even if I don't notice it. The release on this gun is also quite large (which should give more leverage) compared to say the glocks I have handled. We tried just using the slide release at first and when that did not work we started trying ways to take the pressure off of the slide lock to make it easier to push the release lever down. Nothing works. I don't get it. Mental block maybe?
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