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The 715 was a catalog item for a couple of years...I think 2010-2011. The story is that they were using up some of the remaining parts. The one I saw in person and the few that were on gun broker featured a plastic injection molded case with compartments for additional barrels...but the gun alone was in the $1200 range, and the one I saw had the look of being made from sheet metal...not that it was, but it just didn't look like a classic 715. I don't think CZ has working tooling to produce any new from the ground up 715's nor do I think they have the inclination. Way easier to make and sell a quality 1911 than try to make a success out of the Revolver side of the buesiness, which for whatever reason just never was much of a comercial success...other than for a brief moment in the golden era of silhouette shooting.
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