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I don't know if a couple of months is "resurrecting" an old thread, but I have to weigh in on this. I'm an FFL, and got a Henry H004 for resale. When I opened the box, I took a quick look at the walnut furniture, the care with which the rifle was built and assembled, and decided right then and there to keep it. I have an old Marlin 39A original golden, and I love it, don't get me wrong, but the crap I've seen come into my shop from the "major" manufacturers lately depresses me. Quality is a thing of the past, in normally priced guns. I'm sick as heck to be sending gun after gun back to the "major" manufacturers after a couple of rounds, for warranty work. I find myself excitedly recommending anything that works out the box these days!
The Henry is well built, of quality materials, and is made in the USA. Add outstanding company support, and you've got a winning combination.

Now, as to the rifle itself... I wish the drop at the comb was like the Marlin. My 39A welds to my cheek perfectly. And while the brass buttplate is way cool, it's too slippery for good times on the plates. Between the low comb and slippery buttplate, the gun is all over the place when going for low times on steel cowboy targets. Now, my Marlin has a Williams target sight, and the peep/bead combination is a killer combo for fast accurate shooting. I'm new to the buckhorn sight, so it could be my fault, too. I come from NRA Hi-power shooting, and the peep sight is King.
But, after thousands of rounds, the Marlin action is still not as smooth as the Henry was out of the box.
In summary, I have to keep both. Because they both rock!
Now, to get the Action Target Dueling Tree out to the range for some lever-action fun with my buds! I only wish .22 ammo was more available. I'm shooting A LOT lately!
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