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My wife sounds similar to the OP's wife. When we first got our CHLs and started shopping we listened to the 'experts' at our LGS who steered her to a S&W airweight 38SPL, I suppose because they believed the simpler the better. She hated shooting that gun, Lost's of recoil, flash and she just could not get accurate since she didn't want to practice. When we first started looking at semi autos for her it became apparent that she struggled charging, racking the slide. So we worked on technique and also noticed that the hammer fired ones seemed to rack easier than striker fire. That's just a personal observation and may not be fact. So fast forward to her picking up and racking probably 100 guns and she choose an HK P30 V3 in 9mm. She loves shooting it. The nice thing about that one is it has interchangeable back straps and side grips. That is her truck/house gun. For CC she choose a Sig P238. When she went back a few months back to get her CHL renewed some of the good old boys were trying to impress her with their knowledge, etc until it came time to qualify. When it was over they were calling her Annie Oakley. What I am proudest of her is that when she gets a gun she learns how to break it down and clean it. She doesn't want to depend on me. Her latest acquisition is an AR 15.
So put lots in her hands for her to try. Take what is said in the LGS with a grain of salt. Technique in racking is a must if they are weak so lots of practice needed there. Then practice, practice practice.

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