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But you seem to be implying that an all-women training course leads to a less-than-standard outcome for the trainees.
Originally Posted by JammerSix
I didn't mean to imply it. I meant to state it.
That is, quite possibly, the most sexist thing I have ever heard.

The mere fact that the class is full of women and is taught by a woman does NOT result in lower standards. Saying that it does is to say that only the presence of men can create high standards. Masculine bovine excrement!!


The best schools are well-rounded. Our Art embraces an extensive repertoire of psycho-motor skills, verbal skills, and disengagement skills, along with a sound philosophical overlay, all of which must to carefully integrated. Some of the material is dry, but it is still important and must be included. ~ John Farnam

An addition from Glenn - one should hear Vicki Farnam's excellent presentation on issues related to training women and the attitudes of some men. Well, worth it.
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