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Yes, we ARE talking about separate things.

Originally Posted by Jammer Six
I've separated this post to wonder, aloud, if perhaps we're not talking about two separate things.
Yes, we ARE talking about separate things.

People behave differently in single-gender environments than they do in mixed-gender environments. That is a fact on the ground. (Sometimes, elephant in the room.) The interpersonal and group dynamics change.

In elevators, on teams, in classrooms - not everywhere, perhaps, but almost. If you don't see the phenomenon, you just haven't been paying attention. (For men, it is easy to ignore.)

As a man, I have not been privy to many female-only groups, but have overheard some conversations over the years and had female friends tell me of these things directly and by relating their stories. The differences in male behavior in male-only vs mixed groups is less pronounced than female-only vs mixed groups, but it is there, too.

Facts on the ground are ignored to the detriment of all.


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