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I'm going back to a point Pax made about forcing sociatal change and letting society change on it's own.

As it stands, right now, the majority of female shooters are coming into the subculture as adults with a primary intrest in SD.
Many have been encoraged or introduced to the sport by a man (husband, BF or close friend).
Others came in due to a *specific* threat, either a recent threat that scsred them or a current ongoing threat (stalker, ex with fists)

There are signifganetly less of us who were just raised in it.
In the future there may be a change in that dynamic. I hope there will be more like me, who've been trained at an early age and grew up with a solid background in SD. Which would makes "woman only" classes much less nessasry or needed. Why? Because shooting is shooting and technique is technique. After the basics the physical diffrences between male and female shooters arn't that much more off then between male and male (or female and female) shooters can be physically diffrent. The subculture would have evolved as well. Men wouldn't assume that a female on the range *didn't* know what she was doing.

But the current dynamic doesn't hold for that. Woman with a specific threat most likely do benifit from a woman only class. They need more more mindset training and traing geared towards that specific threat.
Woman who coming into the subculture without a threat also are likley to want a woman only class. They want a introduction into shooting without what I call the "boys club" mentality getting in the way.

IMHO, you will not ethically be able to stop providing womans only classes until you remove the "boys club" attitude from the subculture, and even then, the ladies might just want to have "girls club" sometimes.
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