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There is at least one gunsmith who will convert a .357 to take a number of rimless rounds on moon clips, 9mm, .38 Super, and 9x23 Win.
I would expect oddballs like 9x21, 9mm Largo, and 9mm Steyr to work, too.
But then the .38s and .357s will stick in the tapered chambers.

He will convert a late model .38 Special to take 9mm P only.
I have a S&W 360J scandium frame snubby that was rechambered by Pinnacle. The gun is .38spl +P rated from the factory but before I had the job done I spoke to S&W and verified that the frame is the same as the 360 .357mag and the cylinder is also the same as the .357mag, just cut for .38spl. I've carried and shot my gun for over three years now without any problems. I usually shoot standard pressure 115gr 9mm, though I have shot a fair amount of .38 Super and a couple of cylinders of 9x23 Winchester. My carry load is Federal 9BPLE 115gr JHP +P+. It does require moon clips since there is no shoulder for the case mouths to headspace on and standard pressure .38s will bulge and +P .38s will split.

If you recall the old 940, S&W made a small run of guns called the 940PC that was chambered for the 356TSW. It was a very hot round, with pressures similar to the 9x23 Winchester, the cylinders on that gun were chambered to accept the longer case (9x21.5 IIRC), but they were not specially treated. Also, it was fairly common to cut 940 cyls to accept .38 Super, though you lost the ability to fire 9mm without the moonclips if you did that.

I don't like the fact that the bearing surface of a .38 Super bullet is unsupported after it leaves the shorter Super brass and before it is supported by the .357 throat. The bullet has a chance to yaw in that gap. With plated or lead bullets, any misalignment as it hits the shoulder at the end of the chamber will scrape the bullet.
I had the forcing cone on my gun chamfered when the work was done and have never had any problems with shaving, even with 9mm ammo which is that much shorter than .38 Super.
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