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You never know where you can find a great 22 looking for a good home. I was looking in the antique section of Craig's List, and found an ad for a 22 rifle for $120. The poster only gave the description "Mod. 67 Winchester". I don't normally collect 22 rifles, but I learned to shoot with a Mod. 67, and I hadn't seen many online or at gunshows. I knew the add would quickly be flagged, so I hurriedly copied down the number, and soon called it. The poster needed the money to get her bird patched up after an attack by her cat. The rifle was the only thing of value she inherited from her grandfather. When I met her to inspect the rifle, it was night and raining. Even in the dark, I could see that the little rifle had only some minor blemishes. I paid the young lady the money, and took the rifle home. On examination of the antique rifle, it was soon apparent that the barrel was packed in grease, and the bolt did not show any evidence that the gun had ever been fired. There was a minor rusting on the barrel from a palm print long ago that had never been wiped off. All the dings and scrapes were on the right side of the stock, indicating that the rifle had been leaned up in a closet, and not protected with a case. I have cleared the barrel and put the rifle in the safe. It's waiting there now for one of my grandchildren, who can sell it someday for money to fix a bird or a rat.
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