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Fabulous time!!!! Special kudos to Pvt Pyle for organizing and set up, and to all that helped pull it together. I apologize to all that had to tear down the campsight. Normally I will stick around to help out, but when your ride needs to leave.... That 200 yd shot by Larry was insane. I was having a bad shooting day, and probably couldn't have hit a 10'x10'plate at 200 yards with my M1A..Meanwhile Larry is smoking manaquins at 200 with the 1911.

Thanks to all that gave my novice shooter advice(Larry). He was doing some "no no's" that I didn't catch. Larry very patiently and calmly set the boy straight. It is that kind of patience that helps keep new guys in our sport.

Now after seeing some of the hardware up close and personal, I need to figure out how to buy more......

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