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Does your gun do both CCW and nightstand duty?

Originally Posted by armsmaster270 View Post
I love it, I have 500 rounds of 125gr Gold Dots and about 250 rds of frangable.
I also have the .40 barrel for it with 750 rounds of L.E. Win Rangers and 1000rds of FMJ.
Nice, I've been thinking about getting a .357SIG barrel for my P226. Sounds like a darn good idea. I've never fired that round before. Is it anything like the characteristics of a .40?

Also, again I got lost in the links of your signature. Love it.

Originally Posted by 4V50 Gary View Post
Yes. Makes life easier.
Yeah. I get that feeling too...I think I'm sticking to that. Something about just mounting that TLR-1 to the end of my gun and calling it a night makes me happy.

Originally Posted by TennJed View Post
Right now yes. My EDC is a beretta storm subcompact. I plan on getting the full size version for the bedside soon
I had the full size version of that gun. Sweet shooter. 17+1? Can't go wrong with that!
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