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So the last email I sent before I started this thread basically told him that I sent it to the correct address per gunbroker. But maybe ups could be contacted to retrieve the package, honestly I was kind of hoping it would have been sent back to me, but it wasn't. Yesterday I got an email from him asking what I was going to do about it, and if I checked with ups to see if the signature matched up (honestly I am not sure if I sent it signature requiered or not, as they didn't mention when shipping, and I have never had to sign for recieveing ammo. So I didn't even think to ask for it, as I have never had this issue) to his name. I did not contact ups yet as I thought he would.

I responded back that could he check with the new homeowners to see if they got it, and that I have not recieved it back. Again though since ups did deliver to the "correct" address that I shipped to I'm not sure if they would be helpful or not. Also he mentioned that it is a 5 month previous address, not longer that I thought.

With this new information, what would you all do?
Cliffs- I probably shipped not requiring signature as it is not a policy.
He moved 5 months ago, not 6.

Maybe he is on here?
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