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I believe the red box was game shok, not powershok but I could be wrong there but you are insisting that the ammo in the box is something other than what is being advertized... I doubt ATKs lawyers would be very happy about something like that.
Well, the 3 red boxes I have in my reloading room say Power-Shok, and the only obvious difference between them and the blue box Power-Shok is that they used thinner cheaper cardboard for the boxes. As for ATK's lawyers not being happy with changing what constitutes Power-Shok ammo, here is the quote from Federal's current website:

"When hunting the woods and clearings, you need a bullet that handles any situation. Power-Shok provides you with consistent and proven performance without a high-dollar price tag. It’s an great all-around choice for medium to large-game. Find good quality, standard bullets in a variety of calibers, including less popular calibers."
Note it states nothing specific about exactly what constitutes Power-Shok ammo other than it provides consistent and proven performance without a high dollar price tag. So Federal is free to load those with the cheapest powder they can find along with their own primers and probably Speer's cheapest bullets, since they are part of the same conglomerate.
I still maintain that the Deer Thugs Power-Shok ammo is not the old Power-Shok ammo and in the .243 Winchester is most probably loaded with the Speer 80 gr and 90 gr Deep Curl bullets. The old blue box Power-Shoks were loaded with 80 gr and 100 gr lead tipped pointed spitzer bullets. If anything, these new "Deer Thugs" are the old Power-Shoks loaded with a new and improved bonded bullet. I did notice a fairly significant price increase over the previous red box ammo at the local WalMart. No surprise there, given the current market conditions.
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