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I beg to differ. The ammo inside the box is not the same ammo as the blue box powershok Federal has offered before. It isn't the same as the red box powershok that Walmart offered previously either. At least not in the .243 Winchester cartridge. The ammo in those boxes had conventional soft point bullets, where the new Deer Thugs ammo has bonded soft point bullets not previously offered in Federal's budget line of ammo.
And I was offering my observations, not arguing. But hey, if you have all the answers, I don't know why you bother reading others posts, unless of course, it is to point out "moronic arguments" when you see them.
I believe the red box was game shok, not powershok but I could be wrong there but you are insisting that the ammo in the box is something other than what is being advertized... I doubt ATKs lawyers would be very happy about something like that.
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