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This thread has convinced me that the stereotypes against women are far more widespread and ingrained far deeper than I ever imagined.
This is a highly pretentious view to take when you're essentially telling women that they should train with men or not at all.

The fact remains that you tailor your training methodology to the people who want to take your class.

As to your original point four pages ago:

But once a shot is fired or the fight begins, the responses, skills and actions are dead even. They are the same, and must be taught to the same standard, just as are the skills necessary to bring a sloop home safely.
Yes, the techniques and mechanics ARE the same, but you're forgetting one key fact: Every single person that takes one of your classes will likely have to face that danger alone without immediate support. The gender mix of the class will have zero-bearing on that fact.

We're not talking about changing the training. If your argument was that women should receive the same level of training as men in the application of deadly force, then we all agree with you. But you seem to be implying that an all-women training course leads to a less-than-standard outcome for the trainees.

That's not the case, unless you make it so as an instructor. The reality is that many women are comfortable without the eyes of barely-qualified men on them while they learn the basics of squeezing a trigger, and you do them a disservice but refusing to train them.
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