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Nice gun micro. I bet that is a pretty rare bird down there, porkchop, 4in barrel and all.

Some years ago (around 2006/2007) I went to a gander mountain and they had a DW 15 for $250. I left it there, and didn't even look at it. I "assumed" it had to have a defect. Looking back, they wouldn't have put it out there if it actually had something major wrong with it. It was probably fine, it was a deal, and I missed it.

It seems like with DW now, and even in the last several years, the secret is out how great they were. My friend had a DW15 and it shoot as good as my Smiths. I'd say its at least as good as everything else as far as quality, some say DW had features better than the big 3. I would like one to play with, but I keep buying other stuff at the moment.
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