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American Tactical GSG 1911 .22LR Project

So I just bought a beat up American tactical GSG 1911 chambered in .22LR from a buddy for 50$. From the looks of it, he didn't clean or lubricate it much and beat the hell of out the frame trying to break it down. It is also in need of a few parts that seem to have broken, going to just order the complete parts kit for 20$ off the American Tactical website. Anyways - figured I would document my progress on getting it fixed up, working and re-finished.

The plan is to file down the gouges in the frame and round-out the dents in the front of the slide, then have the frame and slide bead blasted and cerakoted in OD green, then replace all the furniture (hammer, trigger, slide release, thumb safety) with parts from Wilson Combat in black (the ones on there currently are pretty beat up and corroded). Then new sights since the sights on there are beat up and tweaked, and add VZ grips. Needed a project to work on, so hopefully this turns out decent. Not sure how much I will end up spending fixing it up, need to price everything out.

Here are pics of it as is - I will probably work on completely disassembling it this weekend and then work on fixing the dents and gouges - was told JB Weld would make a good filler if the gouges are deep, but I may be able to do without it.

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