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It may say Power Shok on the box, but I think that just means it is Federal's economy line of ammunition. It also says "Bonded Soft Point" on the box, and the original Federal Blue Box Power Shok ammo had standard cup and core bullets. I agree with the other posters that believe the new "Deer Thugs" ammo are loaded with Speer's new Deep Curl bullets. Probably why it is so hard to find the Deep Curls for reloading. Walmart is buying 90% of Speer's production. I guess ATK is trying to outdo Hornady in the awful marketing effort. (Zombie Max vs. Deer Thugs? I don't think anybody wins, unless it would be anti-gunners...)
powershok has nothing to do with what bullets they use, there are a half dozen of different options in the same blue box. it has to do with their QC and powder charge. the box says power shok... the ammo inside is powershok. I've never heard a more moronic argument in my life...
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