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Marry a cop and live next to a police station
Back in the early 80's my house was burglarized. I was a cop, but I was on duty not at home.

As to living close to the police station.....Remember the shooting at the Clackamas County Town Center......The Mall is one two blocks away. The incident was over long before the cops got there.

I policed a city of 300K, we had the above average cops per 100K on the street. But at best we were lucky to get on scene in less then 8 minutes.

Something I've said, time and time again on this forum, and others, something I learned pretty quick in my LE Career:

If you want the police to investigate a crime, call 911.....If you want to prevent a crime, get a gun.

Learn to use it. Not just how to shoot, but how to react to criminal activities. There is a huge difference.
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