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I tend to agree with Aguila and Punisher about the grant funding. The grants start off being just a nice additional item, say another car/equipment. Then instead of the admin (usually more with the city/county manager then the LE Agency) saying great, we have a bit extra, they go hey, lets keep this grant coming, and then we will use the money we already had earmarked for another long term project. They get several grants freeing up money for multiple other long term projects, but then the grants get cut, and there is little to no money for the essential stuff that most people move to a city for, such as water/sewer/trash/fire/medical/police, which is usually some of the first to get cut.

Its easy to blame, say the fire/medical/police because, well since they don't have a call to on this very minute, so they are paid to either ride around and be a visable deterrent, or sit at the station doing other busy work between calls for service. What people don't realize is that when you cut staff levels back, there will be less staff available for calls, plus there will generally be a rise in employee turnover, so you will have a lot of either new guys, or folks just passing through for a stepping stone. Its a pay one way for services, or pay less and accept what happens with less.
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